5km / h is the civil sector, also non-governmental and non-profit organization whose main goal is to develop awareness and promote pedestrian movement as sustainable transport mode. The Association was founded in 5th of July 2008 at the inaugural meeting, attended by ten founders of 5km/h. At the Founding Assembly was adopted the Statute 5km / h, which defined objectives and activities that will be carried out.

On the 22nd of July 2008 the 5km / h was officially registered with the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and in this way they acquired the legal requirements for the operation of the association and the implementation of identified objectives:


Education, awareness and promotion of pedestrian movement as sustainable mode of transport,
The preparation, collection, processing and translation of professional literature in the area of the pedestrian movement and other sustainable modes of transport
Organizing, conducting and publishing research: the needs of pedestrians and the pedestrian infrastructure
Organization and implementation of scientific and expert meetings on the topic of pedestrian movement and sustainable modes of transport
Organizing and implementing promotional activities in order to improve pedestrian movement and recognition of pedestrian infrastructure
Milena Vukmirović, architectural engineer

MEMBERS of Presidency:
Stanislav Mirkovic, graduate industrial designer
Dejan Mrdja, marketing and advertising
Jelena Vukmirović, dentist
Nemanja Zivanovic, economist
Kristijan Milenkovic, architect
Peter Šulejić, economist
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