Make a Step - Improve the environment is a project that was approved in competition with the co-financing projects of the civil sector, which was announced by the Agency for European Integration and Cooperation with Associations City of Belgrade. This project is working in partnership with the Town Planners Association Belgrade. Project activities began in June 2010th with the signing of a contract with the Agency, and completion is expected in December of 2010.

Short version of the project:
The project is a civil and professional initiative to local government of the City Municipality Vracar, which is aimed at improving the quality of urban life for the citizens of this territory. Launching and implementation of a series of activities planned for the realization of common objectives related to strengthening and improving the capacity and accountability of civil society in the territory of the City of Belgrade. In particular, it would reach the active participation of civil society organizations aimed toward citizens and bodies / members of the local administration of the City Municipality Vracar in raising awareness about the importance of implementing the principles of sustainable development in the territory of the City of Belgrade and Vracar City Municipality in the area of improving the quality of urban environment and sustainable transport, with priority given to pedestrian movement.
The stated objectives will be achieved through a series of activities / phases include: preparatory phase, the phase of communication with citizens, experts and members of local self-government in the City Municipality of Vracar, the phase of establishing the current state and potential to improve the urban environment, also pedestrian environment, the phase of reviewing opportunities that Vračar become a territory with the dominant foot movement, phase of the evaluation of specific sites / moves that represent a broader picture of the territory of Vracar, and evaluation phase of the overall results of the implemented activities under the project and promote future plans and projects.
The implementation of the project would realized results that have multiple importance that reflects in: improvement of the quality of urban environment, directly applying and implementing the principles of sustainable development, intensification of cooperation with local governments offering concepts that are consistent with their general and specific objectives, encouraging active participation of citizens and their direct involvement in improving the local environment, giving a good example to other local governments in the territory of the City of Belgrade and Serbia and promoting the concept of "green" road hierarchy, with priority given to pedestrian movement, aimed at solving current problems in traffic territory of the City of Belgrade.


In early April of 2009 at University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Belgrade, was held a two-day meeting of the Management Committee and Working groups of the international project COST Action 358: Pedestrian Quality Needs. On this occasion in Belgrade gathered 54 experts from Europe, dealing with various aspects of pedestrian movement. 5km / h was involved in the organization and implementation of this international meeting.
More about Action 358: Pedestrian Quality Needs you can find out at the official website of the project

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